How We Never Happened

Fair warning. This is not a story with a happy ending, definitely not a feel-good read either.

Still reading? You were warned.

This is the story of how we never happened.

The clock says it’s already six in the morning as the alarm goes off. Classes has just resumed from semester break, it’s a new semester, time for another day in the university. I’m barely going through the motions as I absentmindedly take a shower, brush my teeth, get dressed, and drag my feet to class–a student’s basic routine. After an hour and a half of lecture delicately intertwined with doodling, dozing off, and playing a game or two on my phone, the class was over. I quickly race to the faculty office to check if I had been given a slot, under the instructor’s prerogative, in this particular subject that not everybody particularly wants to have but needs to have.

“There’s no more slots left in my class, hijo, you’re gonna have to wait and see if anyone cancels”, said the instructors I went to. With a heavy albeit optimist heart, I slowly leave the office, found a place to sit, and just marinated in my thoughts. “The silence of this solitude is just too deafening”, I told myself. No amount of booze nor drunk storytelling could even begin to fill the void she left me with. It’s been months since but I still feel nothing, and that’s what’s bothering me, of how I am bereft of a grand purpose, how I seem to be wandering aimlessly.

Then you walked by, words could not even begin to grasp how perfect you were that day, with your flowing dark auburn hair and your cheerful smile, it was just what the doctor ordered. You moved me, unknowingly. I would check with the instructors more often just because of the small probability of running into you again, of seeing you again, even though I didn’t know your name.

At the end of the first week of class, as I sat in my last class for the week, waiting for the instructor, I noticed a familiar face in the front, yours.

Sadly, that’s just it. That’s all this, whatever the hell this is, will ever be.

And this, this is the story of how we never happened.


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