When I Break My Silence

Antique Antics: What’s the oldest thing you own? (Toys, clothing, twinkies, Grecian urns: anything’s fair game.) Recount its history — from the object’s point of view.

I can still remember the first day we met, it was a Sunday, you had your church clothes on. You, together with your family, were casually strolling when you passed by where I was in the mall. We instantly shared a strong and deep connection–sparks flew. I knew then and there that nothing else in this world could ever compare to your eyes looking deep into mine.

Days passed by like minutes when we were together. We would spend a whole day just curled up in a corner, with you listening to the story I’m telling. There would even be days when you would rather listen to me instead of doing your homework.

But those days are long gone. When I no longer had a story to tell, when the story I was telling you has reached its end, you left me, alone and unwanted anymore. I have been sitting in this shelf ever since, collecting dust, and comforting others who end up in your library. I see you with a new one every now and then, but I know better; that your new one is always just an addition to your collection, nothing more and so much less.


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