A Shot at Fiction

In the Beginning: Are you ready to spin a good origin tale? This week, we ask you to invent (or reinvent) a creation myth.

It still makes me wonder what the gods were thinking when they created this being, a being which is of this world but is in no way mundane nor humdrum. I wonder how long it took the gods to finish too.

The gods looked for the brightest star in the heavens and used its sparkle as the entity’s eyes. They definitely took their time fashioning its flawless dark auburn hair, which gracefully plays with the wind and effortlessly catches rays of the sun. Then, they searched the great depths of the oceans to find lustrous pearls, imbued with the warmth of sunshine, and with it sculpted the being’s smile. Next, they meticulously molded a goddess’s personality together with a cheerful angel’s soul. Lastly, they perfected this being with imperfections.

The gods had no idea of the power this being was destined for, the power to uplift, inspire, and motivate others.

And when they had realized that which they had created, it was you. ❤




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