Ephemeral. adjective

Lasting a very short time.

I just picked you up from work, you together with your officemates, and you guys were hungry–wanting to go on a food trip. You asked me if we could drive somewhere far–a mini roadtrip as you put it–and I was okay with that. But you took my silence as a “no” and asked if it was really okay with me or if I was mad. I stopped for a red traffic light. I was about to tell you that it really was okay, that there’s no way for me to get mad at you since I really wanted to spend time with you as much as I could. So to add sincerity to what I was about to say, I turned to face you, but you were already looking at me with those eyes.

They say that eyes are windows to the soul, but when I looked into yours, I saw the death of me–the end of life as I knew it. And there, in that arbitrary moment, my past made sense, every minute before this had to happen so that we could end up in this very moment of me looking into your eyes and you looking into mine.

The words I was wanting to say escaped me, and all I could do was smile. The lights changed to green and the world started spinning all over again.



Distance. noun.

The amount of space between two objects or things.

“I miss you.”
I’ve been dying to tell you this since the last time we were together although i dont have the right to. Besides, what difference would it make? Saying that right now, while we’re apart, wouldn’t really change a thing. So what I do is, although i do not have a single clue as to when I’d get to be with you again, i count each day not spent with you as a day forward to when i’ll be seeing you again.

However, some say that absence in a relationship is healthy, it somehow gives more meaning when the time comes that I get to look you in the eye and tell you how much i’ve missed you.


Ceaseless. adjective.

They say the only thing permanent is change, that everything is but temporary–fleeting as life can be. But everytime i look at a rainbow, see its colors–how its never changed, or how the sun always rises and falls, and how the waves never stopped come rushing back to the shore, I’m not so sure anymore about the validity of how temporary things could only be.

Now we would get older, wiser, and our hair might get whiter. But everytime i feel the warmth of your smile and see the sparkle in your eyes, I feel something familiar, something you’ve already made me feel before. And then I’m reassured that some things never change. ❤


Beautiful. adjective

It’s always been some sort of debate whether you were pretty on that day or not: there would either be something wrong with your hair, the length of your top, your lipstick way too red for what you’re wearing, your jeans making you look chubby, or your outfit in general.

But what baffles me everyday is how you fail to see how beautiful you already are–without even trying. ❤


Arbitrary. adjective

They say that it only takes a single individual to change you, even with the sea of people you meet in a lifetime.

Nobody tells you when, or where, or how you’ll meet her–that one person that changes your life forever and makes everything in your past make perfect sense, that she was, and still is, the reason why everything before her happened the way it did–so that eventually your paths would meet. And now, you begin to live–to have life, because you realize that before her everything you did was just to exist. Heck, you can’t even wrap your head around the fact that you thought you had a life before her.

Unfortunately, the day that you do get to meet her, it will be the death of you. For in that single arbitrary moment, it will be the end of life as you know it. ❤