A Shot at Fiction

In the Beginning: Are you ready to spin a good origin tale? This week, we ask you to invent (or reinvent) a creation myth.

It still makes me wonder what the gods were thinking when they created this being, a being which is of this world but is in no way mundane nor humdrum. I wonder how long it took the gods to finish too.

The gods looked for the brightest star in the heavens and used its sparkle as the entity’s eyes. They definitely took their time fashioning its flawless dark auburn hair, which gracefully plays with the wind and effortlessly catches rays of the sun. Then, they searched the great depths of the oceans to find lustrous pearls, imbued with the warmth of sunshine, and with it sculpted the being’s smile. Next, they meticulously molded a goddess’s personality together with a cheerful angel’s soul. Lastly, they perfected this being with imperfections.

The gods had no idea of the power this being was destined for, the power to uplift, inspire, and motivate others.

And when they had realized that which they had created, it was you. ❤




The Death of Romance

A Lost Art: This week, tell us about a lost art: one that you know, one that you miss, or one that should be lost for good.

Here’s the thing, I’m a hopeless romantic. I knew that since the day I realized how different my perspective on love was compared to my friends. To me, love, in its entirety, is an art form, it is an expression of one’s emotion, similar to dancing, and yet so much more profound. But even with all this grandeur of love, it saddens me beyond compare how love has become the way it is now.

You know how it is — or how it used to be, boy meets girl, girl takes boy’s breath away, then boy arduously tries to court girl and sweep her off her feet until he finally does — and that moment would have been a moment of moments.

But now? Look at what we have done to love. Look at how diminished the word has become, how it has been flayed and mutilated, how something so sincere has been mindlessly labeled as ‘creepy’ and ‘stalker-ish’. They say that the love I describe only happens in fairy tales and movies, but they fail to understand that that love, the romance I have yearned for, used to exist and was once well renowned, it was just somewhere along the lines of a generation’s rite of passage that that romance got lost in translation. And it pains me.

Moon of My Life

As I read the writing challenge for this week–making a list, I wasn’t really sure what to list–topics raced my mind like a blur. But as I read through the list of sample ideas, I read number 17, beautiful imperfections, and not a second after, she came to mind. So I thought, why not list down why she’s a beautiful perfection? But no, she isn’t just a beautiful imperfection, for she is the perfect imperfection. So here is my list, reasons why she is the perfect imperfection. Humor me.

  • Her hair. No, it’s not the silky straight hair we’ve all seen so much on advertisements and billboards, it’s the simple auburn hair. But when the wind playfully messes with that hair as it catches the rays of the sun, it becomes more, way more, than a simple auburn hair.
  • Her eyes. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but when I look into her eyes, they’re not, it’s as if I’m on a cliff overlooking bright city lights. And I have been soaking up all the sparkles I see.
  • Her height. She’s not that tall, but she’s tall enough that when I look at her, my eyes are just a bit higher than hers. So I easily get to see those eyes that I would love to wake up to.
  • Her cheeks. It might be as mundane as cheeks could be–but what do I know, I’m not particularly an expert in cheeks, right? But when she’s happy, her cheeks just brings her entire face to life and not just radiates but influences happiness unto others as well.
  • Her dimples. Yes, she has dimples, yet it’s not your usual dimples on the cheeks, hers is a bit closer to her lips. And cute ones at that.
  • Her smile. This one’s a give-away, I mean, her smile together with the two previous items? That’s just it right there, the end of life as I know it.
  • Her imperfections. It’s redundant, I know, but these imperfections simply make her all the more perfect. It’s contradicting, I know, took me a while to wrap my head around the thought. But then it occurred to me, she doesn’t have to be perfect to everybody, all that matters is that she’s perfect for me, that she, in all her forms, glistens in my eyes amidst the mediocrity of life.

I hope you found your special someone going through your head as you went through the list–how he/she has been tailor-made to fit into the puzzle that is you and your life. ❤ My apologies though if he/she didn’t.